Five things that make you more happier, healthier and successful

(DearPK webdesk news): According to the new research forget a morning workout and meditation, getting ahead in life is all about how you spend your evening. Indeed, according to experts, there’s five simple things everyone should be doing before they crawl into bed to ensure they get a head start the next day. From keeping a journal to using Facetime, Janet Jones, coach and Happiness Millionaire, and Nick Goldberg, of Lee Hecht Harrison Penna, reveal the quick and easy regime to follow each night.

Keep a gratitude journal:
At the end of the day write down three things you are grateful for (even if life is good). You may also want to keep a notebook by your bed and just write down everything in your head, like a stream of consciousness with no editing. ‘It’s great for clearing your mind,’ they say.

Prepare your nutrition:
Make a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie and pop it in the fridge so you can have it for breakfast. Prepare a nutritious lunch, too, you will be more relaxed in the morning if you know you’re going to get some good nutrition whatever the day brings.

Mentally prepare your mind for the first thing when you wake up:
If you intend to exercise then lay out your fitness clothes and visualize yourself springing out of bed and going off for your run, or lay out your yoga matt by your bed so that you will need to pass it to get up.

Plan your to-do-list:
List the top five things you must do the next day for it to be successful. Also schedule out your time so that you work in ninety minute blocks (this is great for concentration).

Face Time loved one:
Whilst screens can be the devil, technology can also be a massive enabler for happiness. A lot of us get home after bath time or bed time, but having two minutes on FaceTime with the kids or/and other half making silly faces is a great source of happiness. It only takes two minutes and can really get the endorphin’s going. Or, ask someone how their day was. This helps you build relationships and we all know that no matter what we do or where we work, this is the key to so much success.