Night-shifts are suffering from many diseases

American experts have revealed that people who work differently during the night shift, in which the DNA repair system is affected, which can lead to further causes of diseases. Although this is a small study However, it has been observed that a body of people working in night shift excludes a special chemical 8-OH-dG that plays an important role in repairing DNA breakthrough in the human body. The result is that if this process continues, it can increase the risk of cancer besides obesity, diabetes and diabetes. Parveed Bhatti of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, has investigated this and It is believed that this research has led to a risk of these diseases. Naturally DNA breaks continue, but its natural system of repair also exists, and as soon as the DNA is repaired, the amount of 8-OH-dy in the urine begins to be erased. The disadvantage of its low volume shows that the DNA accuracy is not getting proper. Other experts insist that it is not right to interpret this research. According to scientists, Maltonean’s role in this research is not clear.