Private school head confesses to sexually abusing women

(DearPK webdesk news): The principal of a private school in Peshawar, KPK is charged with sexual assault of women and making compromising videos of them. The man has allegedly confessed to the crime before the court. Attaullah Khan Marwa, the accused went to Peshawar Central Jail under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The principal is also the owner of the school, his arrest was made after a case was registered against him in the Hayatabad police station by a student. Attaullah has some serious allegations against him which include sexually exploiting students and women. He hid cameras all over the school to record videos.
The investigation officer said, the suspect was presented before the Magistrate on Wednesday and he recorded his confession. He confessed that he only brought women in for sex and made videos of them. In the FIR it was stated that he made videos of students and teachers and used them to blackmail them. However, the initial allegations of the type have not yet been proven against him.
The students (males) said that everyone feared him thus no one could stand up against his exploitation of teachers, students and the women he brought from outside. The students also said that the principal asked them to join him in these activities after showing them the videos he had made.
On the raid on the school, the suspect tried to hide all his cell phones, it is suspected that the videos were made on them. There were three rooms in the school that he used for such activities. The FIR also states that a number of memory cards, USBs were recovered. Several videos were inspected and they revealed the suspect being involved in immoral activities with boys and girls. The police also found the installed camera that was used to film videos.