Venomous snake ‘killers of killer’ snake helps in healing, relief

(DearPK webdesk news): It is hard to believe that poison gives the relief and it is proved by the scientists saying that a snake with the largest venom glands in the world could hold the answer to pain relief. It is one of the dangerous snake and dubbed the “killer of killers”, the long-glanded blue coral snake is known to prey on the likes of king cobras and cleverly killed and eat them up.
Venom from the 2m-long (6ft 6in) snake native to South East Asia acts “almost immediately” and causes prey to spasm.
New research published in the journal toxin found it targets receptors which are critical to pain in humans and could be used as a method of treatment. Researcher Dr Bryan Fry from the University of Queensland says, “Most snakes have a slow-acting venom that works like a powerful sedative. You get sleepy, slow, before you die,” said.  “This snake’s venom, however, works almost immediately because it usually preys on very dangerous animals that need to be quickly killed before they can retaliate. It’s the killer of killers.”
Cone snails and scorpions are some of a handful of invertebrates whose venom has been studied for its medical use. However, as a vertebrate, the snake is evolutionary closer to humans, and so a medicine developed from its venom could potentially be more effective, says Dr Fry.